David Pecker is detailing a phone call with Donald Trump about buying Karen McDougal’s story.

Trump, in Pecker’s recollection, asked about a rumour that a “Mexican group” was looking to buy the story for $8m. Pecker told him he didn’t think that was accurate.

But Pecker tells the court that he did believe McDougal’s story of an affair with Trump was true.

(Trump has denied her claims).

So he advised Trump on that call that they should buy the story to prevent it from being published elsewhere to avoid “embarrassing” Trump.

After the call, Michael Cohen reached out to Pecker to say that AMI should buy McDougal’s story.

“Who is gonna pay for it?” Pecker recalls asking Cohen.

According to the ex-publisher, Cohen told him, “Don’t worry, I’m your friend, the boss will take care of it.”