NAHB Housing Market Index Meets Expectations

The National Association of Home Builders commented: “With the markets now adjusting to rates being somewhat higher due to recent inflation readings, we still anticipate the Federal Reserve will announce future rate cuts this year, and that mortgage rates will moderate in the second half of 2024.”

Today, traders also had a chance to take a look at Business Inventories report for February. The report indicated that Business Inventories increased by 0.4% month-over-month, compared to analyst consensus of +0.3%.

U.S. Dollar Index tested new highs as traders reacted to NAHB Housing Market Index report. Currently, U.S. Dollar Index is trying to settle above 106.15. Treasury yields are rising as bond traders bet on a more hawkish Fed.

Gold settled below the $2335 level as traders focused on stronger dollar and rising Treasury yields. Profit-taking has also served as an important catalyst for gold markets in today’s trading session.

SP500 pulled back from session highs after the release of NAHB Housing Market Index report. From a big picture point if view, SP500 is trying to rebound after Friday’s sell-off.

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