Empowered21 launches the Global Women’s Alliance

A groundbreaking global Initiative led by Christine Caine and Daniela Freidzon-McCabe

TULSA, Okla. — Empowered21 (E21) launched its Global Women’s Alliance at a two-day gathering in Orange County, California, which was attended by 120 key leaders coming from 24 nations and 26 different states.

The Empowered21 Women’s Alliance was established to create ecosystems for Spiritempowered women to connect, commune, and collaborate. This initiative will focus on cultivating authentic relational connections, establishing pathways for women’s leadership development, and creating opportunities for genuine collaboration around the globe. The Alliance is chaired by Christine Caine, founder of the A21 Campaign, Propel Women, and Zoe Churches in Europe, with Daniela Freidzon-McCabe, Executive Pastor of King of King’s Church in Buenos Aires, Argentina, serving as Vice-Chair.

The Global Chair of Empowered21, Dr. Billy Wilson, participated in the event and shared, “The launch meeting for the Empowered21 Women’s Alliance was amazing! Godly women, full of the Holy Spirit, connected with one another and collaborated for Christ’s Kingdom, all to make a positive difference for the future of Spirit-empowered Christianity. Special thanks to Christine Caine for her great leadership. Christian history was made by convening these high-level women leaders from every continent. Exciting days are ahead for this effort.”

The two-day meeting featured key voices from around the world, deep times of worship, prayer, ministry, panel conversations, table discussions, and opportunities for women to share what is happening in their respective nations.

“I’m so excited about the future,” noted Caine. “The potential of uniting and mobilizing Spirit-empowered women from every continent on Earth for the purpose of reaching our world with the Gospel is stunning. This is a historic moment.”

Co-Chair Freidzon-McCabe affirmed, “It has been a true joy and a great inspiration to have spent two days at the launch of the Women’s Alliance network of Empowered21. Women from 24 nations gathered to have powerful and insightful conversations, be united, and be encouraged to see a generation of women arise around the world for the purpose of God’s Kingdom.”

The Alliance plans to roll out a comprehensive strategy to establish regional cabinets to continue to connect and empower global leaders worldwide, as well as continue to meet digitally and in person throughout the year.

Participating Leader Quotes

“Empowered 21 Women’s Alliance has surpassed every expectation I had. Women leaders from 24 nations prayed, learned together, received the power of the Holy Spirit, and committed to a Spirit-empowered mission for our day and the rising generation. We’re building new relationships and dreaming about how we collaborate together. We’re pressing on to see the Kingdom come. I can’t wait to see what God does with this movement of women consecrated, united, and empowered.” Dr. Amy Orr-Ewing, Author, Speaker, Theologian, and Honorary Lecturer Divinity the University of Aberdeen. United Kingdom

 “I was in Orange County, California with women leaders from over 20 nations, what an amazing launch of the E21 Women’s Alliance! Empowering women and reviving Jesus’ mandate to release and make disciples from all nations! It was absolutely inspiring to connect, commune, and collaborate with these beautiful daughters of God who’re walking out their purpose on earth as it is in heaven. God be praised for this precious time together!” Pastor Daphne Yang, Co-founder of Cornerstone Community Church, Singapore

 “The moments of prayer and worship with women leaders from so many nations will stay with me for a long time.  God has ministered to my heart in so many ways.  I have been encouraged and filled to rise up and step out in greater confidence and expectation for what the Lord has called me to, particularly to be a spiritual mother in my nation.” Trudi Sayers, Pastor of Red Church in Melbourne and National Director of 24-7 Prayer, Australia

 “God has gifted women with a special ability to reach deep and connect with Him so intimately, and this was evident at this gathering. We had such beautiful Holy Spirit moments like I’ve never experienced at other gatherings, and the Lord poured into us. The women in that room have so much to offer to the body of Christ, and the church will be better because of what happened at Empowered 21 Women’s Alliance.” Vernita Rwotlonyo, Watoto Church Uganda

Alliance Launch Attendees

The following leaders were present for the launch of the E21 Women’s Alliance.

Katia Adams

Rachel Aguirre

Elizabeth Anduvate

Nina Baratiak

Sophia Barrett

Karyn Barriger

Jamie Bates

Lisa Bevere

Sephora Boukorras

Sarah Breuel

Dr. Cheryl Bridges Johns

Jennifer Brown

Joanne Brozozog

Jessica Cabrera

Zai Chandler

Noemi Chavez

Faith Cho

Anne Christiansen

Lindy Cofer

Ellie Cotter

Nicole Crank

Ashlyn Crank Pfulger

Judith Crist

Josefin Cummings

Priscila Cunha

Rosaria Damore

Whitney Davis

Sonia de Luna

Destiny Deas

Elaine Edelman

Yvonne Fermin

Lisa Fields

Debra Fileta

Elaine Fisher

Miriam Fleming

Lillie Flock

Eden Fontaine Shimoda

Melanie Foust

Rachelle Francey

Betty Freidzon

Daniela Freidzon-McCabe

Angela Gaeta

Christina Gard

Shelley Giglio

Courtney Good

Kyndal Green

Nicole Hammond

Lisa Harper

Carrie Headington

Carla Hornung

Rachel Hughes

Amy Hughes

Lisa Hughes

Dawn Jackson

Becky Johnson

Jenn Johnson

Jessica Koulianos

Rebekah Layton

Tara Beth Leach

Ashlyn Lee

Allison Lih

Emily Manginelli

Anne Martin

Nicole Martin

Michelle Mayorquin

Oneka McClellan

Lydia McLaughlin

Sara Mecum

Damsy Mich Muscan

Lorisa Miller

Anna Morgan

Julie Mullins

Alli Munsey

Dianna Nepstad

Lina Nielsen

Shannon Nieman

Madeline Nix

Bianca Olthof

Amy Orr-Ewing

Wendy Perez

Dr. Anita Phillips

Kara Powell

Monica Prescott

Elizabeth Prestwood

Joy Qualls

JoAnne Ramos

Andrea Ramos

Stephanie Reader

Beth Redman

Dr. Kathaleen Reid-Martinez

Kristin Reinhardt

Angie Richey

Meghan Robinson

Vernita Rwotlonyo

Meredith Ryburn

Khuloud Samawi

Trudi Sayers

Alex Seeley

Natasha Shapoval

Leslie Siebeling

Christa Smith

Stephanie Sposeto

Kelly Spyker

Jennifer Toledo

Miranda Torrence

Liz Turner

Rebeca Valbuena Muñoz

Debbie Vanderkolk

Jemima Varughese

Lana Vasquez

Holly Wagner

Sarah Wehrli

Tracy Wilde

Sharon Witton

Hosanna Wong

Daphne Yang

Ruth Yang

Sarah Yardley

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